Jared Termini Measuring a Grating with an Interferometer
Jared Termini has guest-authored an article for the Astrobites web-blog, the astro-ph Reader's Digest.
Mosaic of High Diffraction Orders from an X-ray Grating
A new article by Prof. DeRoo shows X-ray reflection gratings operating at extreme diffraction orders.
Dustin Swarm Examining a Kohonen Map
Congrats to Dustin Swarm, a Iowa Space Grant Consortium (ISGC) Graduate Research Fellow for 2019 - 2020!
Jared standing in front of a vacuum chamber
Congratulations to Jared Termini, a recipient of the Iowa Space Grant Consortium's Undergraduate Research Fellowship!
Dustin Swarm Presenting a Poster
Prof. DeRoo and graduate student Dustin Swarm recently presented at the 2019 SPIE Optics & Photonics conference. Dustin presented work he and Prof. DeRoo have done on performance predictions for the Arcus X-ray Spectrometer mission concept, while Prof. DeRoo gave a presentation on the development of curved diffractive X-ray optics (CDXO).