Casey DeRoo

Casey DeRoo

Research interests include X-ray astronomy; X-ray telescopes & instrumentation; optical design; machine learning for astronomy.

Graduate Students

Picture of Cecilia Fasano

Cecilia Fasano

Graduate Research Assistant; FINESST Recipient

Cecilia fabricates and measures X-ray/UV gratings for use in space-based astronomical instruments.

Picture of Kristie Nault

Kristie Nault

Graduate Research Assistant

Kristie studies X-ray spectra of binary stellar systems.

Picture of Dustin Swarm

Dustin Swarm

Graduate Research Assistant

Current research interests include performance optimization of raytracing code, and high performance cluster computing.

Undergraduate Students

Picture of Jeff Leiberton

Jeff Leiberton

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Examining the X-ray spectra of supernova remnants in the Large Magellanic Clouds.

Samantha Watkins

Samantha Watkins

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Watkins undergraduate research focuses on machine learning to identify outliers in the Chandra Source Catalog v2.0.

Former Members

Termini, Jared

Jared Termini

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Integral in setting and operating hardware in the DeRoo lab as well as conducting/analyzing interferometric measurements of gratings.